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Creating a Customized Grocery Circular

Hello friends!

We hope you are having a fantastic week! It’s a gorgeous fall Wednesday, new weekly deals start today and there are a ton of great buys – what could be better??

Since we are new to this blogging thing, we should probably introduce ourselves. is a super fabulous shopping resource that compiles all of the weekly shopping deals into one efficient, easy-to-use website. Users log-on, create their personalized shopping list, print and head to the nearest retailer that participates in price matching. You get all the best deals at one location…basically, you get to create your own CUSTOMIZED grocery circular!

Just imagine, a grocery store customized for you. Dream with us for a moment…there is a parking spot, just for you, right by the front door…you are handed a cart free of squeaky, sticky wheels …your favorite music plays as you stroll the aisles…a force field magically makes your children behave during the whole trip…every delicious treat at the bakery is calorie and guilt free…at check-out, they open a new lane just for you…..heavenly, isn’t it?

Ok, so maybe we can’t offer you all of those perks, but does offer you a revolutionary way to customize your shopping trip by giving you the ability to create your own customized grocery circular. By using to select the weekly deals that YOU want, at the prices YOU want to pay, YOU can take total control of your shopping options.

So, you’ve tried this right? Please tell us you’ve tried it! If not, what are you waiting for? Visit today, create your customized circular and let the savings multiply! We can’t wait to hear all about your success!

Wishing you great deals and a great day,

Your friends at

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Welcome to our blog!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the blog! We are so excited to be here and to share great information with you! Check back often for fabulous posts on:

  • Saving Money
  • Smart Shopping
  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating
  • Cooking
  • Online resources for the busy consumer
We have a ton of ideas rolling around in our heads and we are so excited to get started! We will be back with a new post soon, but in the meantime be sure to visit our website,, and get signed up for a free, 60-day trial of our service…or, even better, like us on Facebook and get a free 90-day trial. How cool is that!?! 🙂

Wishing you a great day and great deals,

The team

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