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11 Oct

In my opinion, the key to the success in managing a labor intensive construction business is meticulous pre-construction planning and keeping your work force informed, motivated and accountable.    Most of those principles held true when I was building the business model for  Proper planning, complete and accurate information, efficient processes and accountability are the basis for the service offered today.

It is very difficult to make life changing decisions and ultimately walk away from all you have known and practiced professionally for decades.  In 2009 it became clear to me that the opportunity for success in the construction industry in Las Vegas had vanished.  However, my motto in life is “did you give it everything you have”?   I spent the majority of 2009 knocking on doors, expanding services, acquiring new licenses and honing processes through innovation and Smart Building Technology.   By September I could honestly say “I gave it my all” in construction and began to explore a new professional life plan.

During my weekly grocery shopping trips and about a year into the recession I noticed a dramatic increase in value conscious shopping.  People began using calculators, coupons, and circulars trying to make ends meet with dramatically depleted grocery budgets.   Shopper’s with worry and nervousness written all over their faces roamed grocery isles trying to stretch their dollars and provide some sense of family normalcy while the world around them was teetering.  I knew I had saved several thousand dollars a year off my grocery budget by utilizing the retailer policy known as Price Matching.  I wondered if I could apply my knowledge of technology, information sharing and efficient processes to help shoppers stretch their budgets.   After a few more weeks of observing shopping trends and the faces of nervous shoppers, I decided to develop

Owning a drywall construction firm as a woman in Las Vegas was definitely an uphill battle.   Males dominate the construction industry and the majority of decision makers (those handing out contracts) are men.  Relationships are everything and many deals today are still consummated on the golf course, in a beer bar, or in Las Vegas – who knows where.  My personal challenge was to try to establish relationships with male authorities and hope that my knowledge and experience in the industry would be adequate enough to land contracts.  I had some success, but not nearly enough to scale the male social scene.   Women with authority positions in construction should be keenly aware of their deficit.  It’s not pretty or politically correct, but it’s the truth! was developed to provide a knowledge based shopping experience to everyone who wishes to save money.  Because there are price matching policies in place at large retail and grocery stores it makes sense to get the best deal on your groceries for as many items as possible, when you need them and at the price you’re willing to pay!   In the past, price matching or ad matching policies were under utilized due to the shear magnitude of research, coordination and comparison that must be done to insure your value.  Even the most seasoned shoppers with the greatest organizational skill cannot achieve in 10 to 15 hours what can provide in less than 15 minutes.   The experience for our shoppers becomes an achievement vs. a task.  It’s empowering to know you’re paying the best price in town and stretching your budget to allow for healthier eating.  Powerful, knowledge based grocery shopping – iPriceMatch.comJ

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