By exploiting grocery stores sales cycles, you can save more money on your groceries.

12 Oct

Combining couponing with the knowledge of sales cycles is a tremendous way to help greatly reduce the money you spend when grocery store shopping. Many products have fluctuating prices that go up and down over a period of time. Often this is a three month cycle, give or take, and knowing when products will be at their lowest price is a powerful strategy to combine with coupons to save on your grocery bill, especially if you can shop at stores that offer double coupons and low price matching.

There are also products with yearly shopping cycles. Often you will find that the prices for these products are lowest when they are in the highest demand. For example, turkeys and stuffing mix will have their lowest price in November. This is because grocery stores use in demand items as loss leaders as a way to get you to do your grocery store shopping with them, hoping you will purchase more expensive products once in the store. Your goal should be to understand the shopping cycles, anticipating when many items will be at their lowest price of the year and use your couponing skills at these times to get rock-bottom prices.

When exploiting sales cycles you don’t have to overdo it. Think about how long the cycle is and buy just enough of each product to last you through the cycle. If you know peanut butter has a three-month sales cycle and is at its lowest price during the cycle, buy just enough jars to last three months.

Combining sales cycles with other strategies such as couponing and shopping at stores that offer price matching is a potent way to save money on your grocery store shopping and help make sure you are getting the very best deals possible.

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