The High Cost of Halloween Can Be Scary

22 Oct

With costumes, decorations, candy and more to buy Halloween seems to be turning into a fun but unaffordable holiday to celebrate. With costs going up it is more important than ever for people to be creative and shop smart if one would like to celebrate without going over budget. 

Decorating a home for the season does not have to be a huge expense. There are many options available that allow people to save money and create a great looking home for the holiday. One way to save is to search online, flip through fall magazines or visit a craft store and get some ideas for homemade decorations. children making decorations can add to the fun of this holiday. Another strategy is to shop clearance after the 31st and pick up some great decorations at a big discount to use the following year.

Shopping after Halloween sales works great for decorations for the home, but it is not always practical to shop way for costumes. Adults might be able to pick up something great for the following year; but this strategy typically does not work well with children since their interests change so quickly. For those with some creative skills it might be possible to create and make an original costume. For those without the time or skills to make an outfit the best strategies are to begin shopping early, watch for sales and coupons and compare prices to get the best deal available on the desired costume. Setting up a costume trade event with other parents or even renting a costume are some other money saving strategies.

Saving on candy is fairly easy. Watching sales and using one of the many candy coupons typically available this time of year will help shoppers get a good deal on candy. 

The high cost of Halloween might seem prohibitive to some families. These strategies will help families save money this October and still have tons of fun celebrating the holiday.

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