Saving at the grocery store can start with changing habits at home.

04 Nov

Our shopping habits have been influenced by an endless variety of goods, and our cupboards have begun to resemble the overstuffed aisles of the grocery store. In other words, we will save money and be less alarmed when prices go up if we purchase only what we know we are going to use. The value of iPriceMatch is that you can save on the items you’re going to buy already. Here are 7 hints on how you can save money on grocery store shopping.

Buy only non-perishable items in bulk. If we buy only the perishable items we need, then pennies will be pinched.

In order not to buy in bulk we must change our shopping habits. If you shop frequently, buying only what you need for a day or two, instead of going on a marathon shopping spree, then you will cut back on food waste and save money. 

Try using smaller plates at home. It is a simple mathematical equation. A smaller plate equals less food. Less food equals more money in your pocket. 

A compulsive mechanism is at work when you shop. Therefore, it is best not to hit the store when you are hungry. Those bags of chips are sure to go stale.

Clean out the fridge on a weekly basis. Chances are you have goodies you did not even know you had. 

Be sure to eat leftovers. This is a simple way to save.

Be sure to shop around. Deals and price matching exist. Just do not expect to find price matching at the smaller stores, let alone the farmer’s market.

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