No More Fowl Play!

10 Nov

No More Fowl Play

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, not stressed out and here are some simple steps how: 
1. Planning ahead: it is extremely helpful to write out beforehand a guest list, plan a menu, decide who’s bringing what and make out a shopping list. It is also important to take an inventory of home supplies to be sure not to run out of anything when the guests arrive.

2. Early shopping: It’s the best way to beat the rush and avoid the risk of holiday shortages. Besides, it’s a great way to find a coupon and save money. 

3. Starting early: it is important to set a realistic pace. Starting side dishes and desserts early makes for a less harried preparation day. In addition, stress causing clutter can be eliminated by thinking through and maximizing available counter top space. 

4. Taste Test: in order to ensure successful dining experience, it’s wise to taste test new dishes or drinks in advance of the day. 

5. Kid smart: Engaging the children with new games and DVDs or creatively involving them in the kitchen with preplanned activities can save money and time. 

6. Less is more: quality vs. quantity. A simple fresh vegetable platter and dip is a great appetizer for guests of all ages to enjoy. 

7. Bird watch: It is not uncommon to forget the centerpiece, the turkey! Setting a timer or enlisting the help of family is a great way to remember to defrost in advance and baste for moisture. 

8. Quick fix: contrary to what grandma says, store bought is ok! There is most likely a coupon available for a delicious side dish or dessert, and it is still possible to add your own finishing touches to it.

9. Fun time: although the meal might be through, the fun is not. Planning an after dinner activity for guests adds a thoughtful and creative touch to the evening. 

10. Just go with it: A stressed-out host makes her guests ill at ease. No matter what the day brings, just go with it. No stress, just smiles and thankfulness this thanksgiving!

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