Super Tips for a Speedy, Price-Matched Checkout!

11 Jan

Streamline your price-matched check out!

Value conscious shoppers are utilizing price matching (or ad matching) policies at their local grocery and drug stores like never before. The value one receives when matching competitor pricing on everyday items such as milk, meat, and produce is typically higher than what can be expected from couponing. With couponing, manufacturers dictate what product can be purchased and what discount they’re willing to offer. Price matching allows a shopper to choose what items they want and what they’re willing to pay. In essence, price matching shifts decision-making power from the manufacturer back to the consumer, who can then make decisions based on their particular need or preference.

One of the drawbacks associated with price matching is the challenge of the check-out process.  Since there are usually dozens of items from multiple stores that need to have their prices adjusted DOWN, proper planning and organization is the key to streamlining the process., our grocery comparison website, helps shoppers arm themselves with a comprehensive list of the items they plan to purchase.  The list, which acts as a personalized grocery circular, can be generated on Our free, grocery search engine offers users the opportunity to choose products from a database of all the best current deals in town. Your personalized list is generated with easy to follow product pricing, size information, expiration dates and competitor information. The list will provide the information you need while shopping and the information to verify your prices at the register, if asked.

The key to a quick and easy check-out is a wonderful invention called the SHARPIE MARKER!  While shoppers are maneuvering through the store, users simply mark a small, price adjusted price on the product (usually at the bottom, next to the UPC barcode).

The price matched Cheerios from my pantry.

When preparing to check-out, simply place all of your items on the conveyor and inform the checker that your price matched items “are marked.”   Some users group all of the price matched items at the beginning or end of their order. If the checker has questions as to the validity of your new price, simply refer to your list that includes all of the information the checker needs.  In most cases, checkers are EXTREMELY appreciative of the expedited pricing process and you will WIZ right through the line.  No one will even know you’re price matching…unless you want to brag to your friends about all of your great deals!!

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