About offers an unparalleled, online shopping tool, which saves busy, price-conscious consumers time and money. makes it easy for users to utilize price matching policies at local stores to pay the lowest price possible on their grocery purchases. is an online resource for all advertised weekly specials at local grocery and drug stores. The website uses innovative Grocery Price Analysis Engine technology that systematically itemizes and compares sale prices at all local stores. Users simply log on, select the items they want to purchase, print out their shopping list and head to the nearest store that participates in price matching.

The website is the brainchild of founder and CEO Penny Perez, a single mother of three, who was looking for ways to save her family money on their weekly grocery bill. Penny discovered the benefits of price matching but was spending hours looking through circulars trying to plan her shopping trips. It was from this time-consuming process that was born. By creating a simple, easy to use system, Perez revolutionized the price matching process.

Our blog is designed to give you more information about shopping, saving, food and nutrition. We hope you enjoy! Check back often for great information!


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